• Star Wars Vino Party

    Happy Star Wars week! My awesome husband and family helped me throw a great Star Wars Italian party for my 30th Birthday last week. Here are some highlights: 

    We used Paperless Post to send out a custom Star Wars Italy/Wine party invitation. It's a great way for designers to send out custom invites for a low cost and not have to cringe at all those Evite preset ones—for important parties at least. 

    This was the main table with an note writing activity Reuben devised. I designed two Star Wars wine parties (I will go into more detail about them in my next post) to carry on the vintage Star Wars Italy theme. I also created Endor Terrariums with this great tutorial. I ended up buying a terrarium kit from Hobby Lobby for $20 that had more than enough and so I threw together the Yoda one on the crate last minute. 

    The other two were planned out a little more intentionally: 

    I also copied this picture of Obi-Wine Kenobi and Darth Malbec, but renamed him to Darth Vino because Malbecs are from Argentina. 

    I also used a few new merchandise additions as well as a few from my childhood to round out the decor.

    We also made Tie Fight Balloons from this Dana Made It tutorial and downloaded a template for lightsaber napkins from Catch My Party.

    My sister, Bethanie, decorated by HAND these amazing cupcakes and sugar cookies for dessert. 

    We tried to have mostly Star Wars-themed food or a play off Star Wars wording: Death Starghetti (Spaghetti and Meatballs), Lightsabers and Cheese (Elbow Mac and Cheese), and bread with Dark Side Dipping Sauce (Bread with Oliver Oil and Balsamic Vinegar). 

    We tried to shape two appetizers into Star Wars-themed food: Tie Fighter Caprese and Millennium Falcon cheese and crackers.

    We also had special appearance by Chewbacca and Ewok Nikita! 

    Thanks to everyone who came out and a special thanks to everyone who dressed up. It was a great and memorable 30th Birthday! 

    Custom highlights besides Chewbacca: Twin Suns of Tatooine, two Padme Amidala's from Attack of the Clones, an R2D2, a Darth Maul, a C3-PO, another Chewbacca, and Luke Skywalker from the end of Empire Strikes Back.

    Reuben and I were: R5 and Han Solo respectively:

    And thanks to Adam, Bethanie and Frances for capturing these images!