• Star Wars Coffee Design Series: Skybucks

    The name Starbucks comes from Captain Ahab’s first mate, Starbuck in the novel, Moby Dick. 

    Starbucks founders were looking for a way to capture the seafaring history of coffee and Seattle’s strong seaport roots. That’s when they found the twin-tailed mermaid, the Siren. “There was something about her — a seductive mystery iced with a nautical theme that was exactly what the founders were looking for.” Starbucks has reformed their identity over the years, but they keep the Siren because “she is at the heart of Starbucks.” 

    Steve m., senior writer at Starbucks blogged in 2011 after another redesign: “She is a storyteller, carrying the lore of Starbucks ahead, and remembering our past. In a lot of ways, she’s a muse — always there, inspiring us and pushing us ahead. And she’s a promise too, inviting all of us to find what we’re looking for, even if it’s something we haven’t even imagined yet…For people all over the globe, she is a signal of the world’s finest coffee — and much more. She stands unbound, sharing our stories, inviting all of us in to explore, to find something new and to connect with each other. And as always, she is urging all of us forward to the next thing.” 

    So when it came to choosing who would be the Siren in my Star Wars coffee series, it was a no-brainer: Queen Amidala. Dare we speak of the prequels, but in this trilogy she represented so much of the same thing as the Siren—especially to Anakin. 

    This made me realize how much Starbucks has steered away from putting their name on things now. It did make it a tad bit easier to create this logo, but I still basically had to go in and hand draw the Queen Amidala and choose how the negative space would interact with the positive space. A good practice. You can see my progression above.