• Current Work: Bunt Cakes Jersey

    I just finished up using a digitally drawn lettering technique to create my softball team's logo to be like the Los Angeles Dodgers logo. The technique I learned is a combination of Jon Contino and Jessica Hische. Two letters I admire. I've also studied the techniques of Ray Dombroski and Spencer Charles. This is all done because of Skillshare and this great book by Emily Gregory, Little Book of Lettering

    I always start out sketching ideas of what the design potentially could. Here's two basic ideas I conceptualized and sketched roughly: 

    The first idea was recreating "Bunt Cakes" in the Dodgers logo and the second idea was a bunt cake as a stadium with a similiar design to this shirt: 

    After talking to a few members on my softball team, we decided to go with idea No. 1. First I did some research on what other scripted sports team logos looked like for the letters that aren't D-O-D-G-E-R-S:

    After that, I worked on sketching the letters by hand: 

    Once there was a few I was satisified with, then I went to the computer and digitally drew over the handsketches: 

    After that, I went through and cleaned up the digital version. Making sure the angles, the ascenders, and the y-axises were consistent. I pulled up the Dodgers most recent logos for reference. I also pulled a bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. 

    After it was finalized, I made a mock up version for the printer. We also decided it was more economical to go with a one-color version. 

    Here's the mock up and the final version:

    One more view of the actual shirt on my husband-model: