• Jace Newborn Photos

    I had a baby last March and with the encouragement from my husband, I tried to take my own newborn photos. I was a little bit more nerve-wrecked about poses, even after research, just because I'm not entirely sure what positions are 100% safe (but he's 3-months now and fine). I also learned a lot the adorable poses are Photoshop composites and I'm not sure myself or my husband were 100% in the right mind (READ: Sleep exhaustion and new parenting shock) to be able to do those so this is what I came up with. I'm pretty satisfied though! 

    I had watched a few YouTube videos about how to DIY a backdrop and DYI the setup. I definitely learned a lot and have quickly purchased an Ezmart backdrop holder (I already had a seamless) but that just makes it way easier. I was apprehensive about posing a newborn and still am, but they are asleep almost the entire time. I also chickened out and didn't remove the diaper even though I bought a plastic covering for my couch (hence wrapped in swaddles), but I really enjoyed being able to get intimate shots myself of my son. 

    All of these images were shot with a Nikon D610 and either a 24-85mm f3.5 or a 50 mm f1.8. 

    A few videos I used as reference: