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  • Black Spire Coffee Roasters

    Do you know what Galaxy's Edge is missing at Disneyland? Their very own coffee roasters! Disney has created Galaxy's Edge to be an immersive, one-of-a-kind experience. Guests are transported to Black Spire Outpost on Batuu. It's like being in your very own Star Wars world. There is Aurebesh (the basic language in Star Wars) all over the walls and in the signage. It's an outpost so there is a marketplace to either get outfitted as a First Order or a Resistance Fighter. There is a cantina that serves unique drinks. There's even a meat roasting shop, where they have converted an old podracing engine into a giant grill. The only thing that is missing in Black Spire very own coffee roasters! 

    I based these Star Wars Coffee Labels on Stumptown Coffee Roasters, originally from Portland, OR. Stumptown is a nickname for Portland because the city grew so fast that when the trees were cleared, the stumps were left for a long time. Supposedly, in some areas there were so many stumps people would jump from stump to stump to avoid muddy, dirty roads. 

    This made me think of Galaxy's Edge because it's on the planet Batuu, but the outpost is named Black Spire. Black Spire Outpost got its name from the towering petrified trees that dot the village, surrounding the land. In Star Wars lore, Batuu is an outer rim planet, near the edge of wild space. 

    Logo comparison: Stumptown Coffee Roasters vs Black Spire Coffee Roasters

    Additional logos. The first one uses Aurebesh writing to spell out BSCR. I noticed in many of the Black Spire Outpost merch, they had the initials BSO. 

    This logo uses the Black Spire Outpost city logo and the Aurebesh writing BSR. 

    Stumptown has a few different paper coffee cup designs. I put a Star Wars spin on these illustrations and used them to highlight different parts of Galaxy's Edge. 

    BB-8, R2-D2, and an R6 Astromech droid.

    Loth Cat from the Marketplace Creature Stall 

    Rathtar logo

    Photo composite of the Loth Cat cup design in front of the Creature Stall. 

    One of the most intricate designs was the Black Spire city design. The Aurebesh above says 'BSCR' and the Aurebest below reads 'Batuu.'

    A Millennium Falcon design highlighting the Smuggler's Run ride. 

    Here's a few other mug designs: 


    City icon with the coffee plant going through it—similar to Stumptown's horseshoe.  

    Here's a few of the coffee bean packaging: 

    Thanks for checking out my designs! This was a great passion project while out on maternity. Check out Stumptown's website to learn more about them: