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  • Sneak Peek! Women@Disney Brand Refresh

    I've been volunteering with Women@Disney, doing some design work to stay fresh (as I don't get to design nearly as much at Movies Anywhere or be creative). 

    They wanted a logo refresh, but they didn't want a new logo. I took a look at what had been previously done and just cleaned up a few things as you can see below. 

    Here's the 'Before and After': 

    I did my best to keep the integrity of the logo and brand presence intact, but also cleaned things up to be more fundamentally sound and unique, including a custom "@" sign and bolding both words to create more typographical balance. 

  • Design Process: Brand Analysis

    In addition to my Coffee Design Series, I will be starting a Design Process series that details my design process and key steps into branding (or in this case, rebranding) an identity. I will be using one of my favorite coffee shops in Pasadena, Jones Coffee Roasters as an example. 

    Jones still has a very organic, mom-and-pop feel to their branding, their packaging, and their interior design. Through this series, I'll breakdown a redesign (while redesigning), explaining the steps in my process as well as learning new portions of design like packaging and interior experiential design. Stay tune! I'm pretty stoked for this process. And to keep myself accountable, I hope to post an update to this series every Friday. 

    So far, here's the steps I've determined: 

    Week 1: Brand analysis of the current state
    Week 2: Brand analysis of competitors, inspirations, companies with similiar audiences
    Week 3: Brand attributes (includes word mapping) 
    Week 4: Logo sketches round 1
    Week 5: Logo sketches round 2
    Week 6: Logo sketches round 3
    Week 7: Brand extension (colors, typography, containers, textures, photography) 
    Week 8: Packaging
    Week 9: Merchandise
    Week 10: Web/Social Media
    Week 11: Experiential/Store Design
    Week 12: Recap 

    Since I'm new to most of the things at the end of this project, I'll need to use Skillshare and YouTube (with probably a fair amount of googling) to learn the ins and outs of packaging, merchandise, and store design. 


    So let's start with brand analysis.

    This is a process we worked on developing while I was at Gloo: analyzing and dissecting the current state of a brand. 

    Jones Coffee Roasters is a little under a mile away from my house. There are two stores currently right now (and there use to be one in West Hollywood). I took pictures of the store on my last visit. 

    Here's some more visual research I found online: 

    Here's a close up on the label with the logo. 

    A few criticisms that immediately: the graphic is suppose to be coffee beans on tree, but it's pixelated. It's very busy, there's so much going on, and so the location, website and phone number are lost. Also, now days, there are fresh ways of presenting the type of blend, describing the beans, and categorizing the roast level. 

    It looks like Jones recently did a logo refresh or something in preparation for the opening of their second store at Vroman's Bookstore called The Next Chapter

    Here's what their old logo, their new business card, their website, and social media currently look like: 

    The top left is a recent flyer of theirs and you can see the updated logo on it. The bottom two are the new logo, one on signage in their coffee bean farm in Guatemala and one of their coffee bean bags on a table. I think it's safe to say they are doing a soft roll out of their new logo/mark. 

    I checked out The Next Chapter this morning and it is definitely an matured version of the original location. The aesthetics are definitely a bit more modern than the original shop on Arroyo, but Jones does it's best to try to keep some of the global, urban vibe to it by blending global patterns, bright colors, and artwork to their modern aesthetic. 

    It's unclear if Jones is progressively rebranding or just slightly confused about their identity. They do their best to retain the earthy, organic-ness of their first shop in whatever place they can. If anything, The Next Chapter is a maturation of Jones Coffee Roasters and is more of a "coffee shop" than the roasting facility on Arroyo. This place had very little beans sold and focused more on providing a calmn atmosphere for one to buy a book and read or have a coffee date with a friend.

    From what I can tell, this is the breakdown of the Jones Coffee Roasters brand. Let me know if you think it's different—I'd love confirmation or evidence my analysis is off because ultimately this will help me be the most successful. 

    And to kickstart your brain on what I'm going to be aiming for, here are some great case studies on coffee brands: 

    Bluebeard Coffee Roasters
    Verve Coffee Roasters
    Ozo Coffee Roasters
    Stumptown Coffee Roasters

    And for some inspiration, some of my favorite packaging creative agencies and blogs: 

    The Dieline
    Lovely Package
    Packaging of the World
    PTARMAK Agency
    Moxie Sozo
    Farm Design Agency
    Chen Design Associates

    And a blog post on Sprudge about 10 Nice Packages That Highlight Coffee Branding and Design.