• All-Star Chef Classic 2017

    All-Star Chef Classic 2017 is this weekend and in honor of that, I thought I'd share one of my designs that was pulled last minute and how I built it:  

    The concept of this key art was a chef throwing flour up in the air in an act of showmanship and competition a la Lebron James. Since at its core All-Star Chef Classic is a cooking competition (think Chopped), but live like sporting events (where the Lebron James tie-in comes).

    I basically had to piece this concept together with different various images: 

    Ultimately, it was a lot of masks, layers, and blend mode changes:

    Mock up of the art on the street. Ultimately some of the Sponsors did not understand the concept or buy into the look so it was scratched for something a little more basic and generic. But still a great concept I love! 

    And just proves that art/design is ambigous sometimes and totally personal opinion dependent, concepts need to be pitched and explained in detail, or simply expectations and non-negotiables need to be clarified from the get-go. 

  • AEG Worldwide Rebrand

    A while ago my team decided to pitch a rebrand of AEG, not sanctioned by a particular client. Because my work was ultimately not chosen by the Creative Director to continue to Round 2, I've attached images from my process book to explain my process: 

    First thing I always do is come with brand attributes to help guide my design choices. Typically, this an exercise that is done with the client. In AEG's case, I led my team in the Post-it Note exercise

    We all had 10 minutes to write down as many adjectives and nouns to describe AEG and then we placed each attribute in the brand attribute categories given by the VP of Creative.

    After that, I typically use word mapping and/or idea mapping based on the attribute words. This gives me additional words to use while image researching and brainstorming. Most of my team's research of competitors, inspiration, and other logos and icons can be found in this PDF

    Since AEG Worldwide has been around since 1994 with this star-centric logo, I felt like it was a cruical for brand equity and the already establish brand recognition for the logo to remain a star: 

    Also, since AEG is a portfolio brand, it was important to understand all the other brands within the family and take their look and style into consideration: 

    After that, I begin sketching: 

    While I sketch, I had attributes and other notes on the side panels to help me remind me of key ideas to keep in mind during the sketching. 

    After that, we have a design crit and then choose which logos to finesse to final: 

    This concept of this logo was innovation or progression. AEG strives to be an innovative company, especially when it comes to their venues, sports teams, or concerts. This was a unique way forming a star and the movements are innovating or progressive. 

    I landed on two final versions of a logo, but each logo had several different iterations with it. 

    This star is about performance and showmanship. It originally started out with spotlights forming the star and then became a star made up of spotlights. The showmanship or performance aspect of AEG and their concerts and sporting events. 

  • Ontario Reign Pixel Jerseys

    Last year, the Ontario Reign wanted a jersey: "Minecraft December jersey we want a pixelated look much like the video game Minecraft. The logo will have to be sublimated to fit the design, unless you think otherwise." My thought was to take the current Ontario Reign's jersey and make it pixelated. I also created a pixelated logo: 

    Here are some images from the Ontario Reign's game: 

    Front of jersey detail, including the pixelated logo and hockey stick icons on the shoulder. 

  • UCI Track World Cup 2017

    This past weekend was the UCI Track World Cup at AEG Worldwide's Velo Sports Center. AEG Sports is one of the primary event organizers. I had the privilege of working on some of the primary marketing for this year's event: 

    I also got to design this awesome t-shirt for VIP and Presale attendees: