Foursquare Leader


Foursquare Leader magazine is a tri-annual publication created for the leaders, credientialed ministers and pastors of the Foursquare denomination. It is filled with latest news and updates, profiles focusing on specific leaders within the organization, feature stories meant to challenge and grow the readers, and funny, playful illustration for humor and lightheartedness. 


Every issue the magazine asks a different question to its audience and covers different topics. We conceptualized every cover to illustrate the question and then used the same theme or technique to match the feature article inside. Foursquare Leader has required several different types of art direction, depending on the topic. On one issue we will have to illustrate the cover, another issue we will illustrate the "Foursquare Fun" page. One issue we will have to photography a location or several people, another we will work with an infographic designer to create a map or an illustration.  


Over the course of three and a half years, I helped grow the magazine from 24 pages, with a separate issue for Spanish, to 102 pages with a combination of English and Spanish throughout the publication. 


2011 – 2015


Foursquare Communications


Art Director, Graphic Designer, Illustrator + Photographer