Lakers Preseason 2016


AEG Worldwide is responsible for promoting each Los Angeles Lakers preseason game played at their Los Angeles and Las Vegas venues. AEG Marketing supplied the tagline “New Team, Same Dream,” and I was tasked with creating the design. With Kobe Bryant retiring last year, the Marketing team wanted a design that highlighted the Lakers’ new coach, Luke Walton, and their young standout players, Brandon Ingram and D’Angelo Russell. They wanted something similar to the Kardashian image—boxy, strong, simple, and clean—with all players equally represented visually.


Using the Lakers alternative “L” logo, I created slanted containers to add implied motion. The containers also created a sense of unity and reinforced the “New Team” theme having been derived from the “L”. To complete the “New Team, Same Dream” I created a background texture using a Photoshop cloud brush to reveal the Lakers championship banners.  


Jeanie Buss, President of the Los Angeles Lakers, liked this so much she used it on her own social media accounts to promote the 2016 preseason.




AEG Worldwide, AEG Marketing, Los Angeles Lakers


Art Director + Designer