Movies Anywhere Brand


Given the logo from Salt Branding, I was tasked with developing a brand extension to complement the logo and support brand and marketing needs. 


Movies Anywhere is a digital locker service that connects all of your digital retail partners together. It brings your movies from the 5 major studios: Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, 21st Century Fox, Universal Pictures, and Sony Pictures together in one digital app called, 'Movies Anywhere’.

To convey this visually, I concepted a design system using a hexagon. When looking at a hexagon, it can become a few different objects— a storage box, a house, or a pinwheel. Pieces come together to create this hexagon, just like Movies Anywhere's studios, retailers, and a user's digital movie collection. The layers add depth, acknowledging Movies Anywhere's extensive library (over 7,000 titles). Hexagons can serve as a texture, as seen by the honeycomb texture or as graphic elements (containers, footers, tags). 




Movies Anywhere, Walt Disney Studios


Art Director + Graphic Designer