"Multiply" was the 2014 theme for Foursquare Connection's annual convention. This theme was centered on the belief that a healthy leader will lead healthy organizations to mulitply and create a healthy movement. Set in Dallas, Texas, Glenn Burris, Jr. led attendees in a historical time for Foursquare's history: a decision to reimagine the way Foursquare is structured He was also ratified as the president for the next five years. 


We picked colors very symbolic of Texas, doing research based on Texas's sports team—a culture very ingrained in Texans. Since "Multiply" is about one unit reproducing multiple units to create a whole we created a 3D cube, made out of different tints of blue and red. A multi-dimensional object made out of multiples. It also doubled as a pin wheel. For key art, we used Texas-inspired repeating patterns: wood panels, cowboy books, hats, rope, spurs, or the spirals of the Texas state fair ferriswheel. 


There were more than 3,000 registered attendees for Connection 2014, including those from the U.S. and 41 other countries.




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Art Director + Graphic Designer