Ontario Reign Superhero Jersey


Ontario Reign asked for a few special event jersey designs for Super Hero night. They wanted a jersey that mimicked the Batman suit armor or Iron man suit armor.  


I want proposed a new design based on which Super Heroes were currently trendy and popular. I felt like Batman and Ironman were passed their prime a bit and wanted to propose something different. Hollywood Reporter wrote, “Deadpool grossed a record-breaking $132.7 million over the three-day Valentine's Day/Presidents Day weekend, one of the best showings of all time for a superhero movie and shattering all expectations.” Many have praised the movie for bringing a different, albeit slightly inappropriate, spin to the current comic book genre. Ryan Reynolds was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy and given a Hollywood Star because of his work in Deadpool. I felt like many fans would be drawn to the Deadpool jersey, especially as a departure from many other minor league team jerseys featuring Batman or Ironman. 




AEG Worldwide, Ontario Reign


Art Director + Designer